35 years' coaching experience BUT... who am I?

Who Am I – My Credentials


Everyone who teaches automatic or manual cars, teaches the way they drive. Just like all skills, some can drive well and some just get by. Unfortunately, if they aren’t good at it, they pass on their ineptitude, corrupting the way you drive for the rest of your life. You at least should expect an automatic car driving instructor to know how to drive, absolutely, or why pay the money. To illustrate my claim, I have written down some concepts that I teach, and explain them in detail. If you have the patience to read the dialogue, you will have some idea of what I can do to make you an accomplished driver of an automatic car, that’s my aim, to me the licence test is a secondary consideration. When you can drive an automatic car, the licence test is easy. Above all, don’t just accept my theories, test them, think about it, and decide for yourself. But above all, remember, no one can teach you anything, you can only teach yourself. It’s my job by communicating my skills to make the process simple.

I’ve been involved in the motor industry all my life, from toolmaking for General Motors, designing army vehicles for Ford, and engine parts for Repco Brabham. I’m centre left leaning into the Bridgeport mill. I continued my career designing a racing engine for Bob Janes racing division at Brunswick, Melbourne, in the seventies.

The engine (cross section below) was the precursor to building my own sports car (in a time when you could). Unfortunately as many things go, there was a change of management, and my project was cancelled just at the end, such is life.

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