Automatic driving lessons in Cairns, South Cairns and the Beaches

An Analogy

What does it take to make a Ming vase?

Austomatic Driving School Cairns - Ming Vase


First of all you must have the skill to form the vase. Then you must have the right clay. The clay is then placed on the potter’s wheel and spun to form the classic shape required. The colours are then added and the vase is then placed in the kiln to be fired. If all has gone well, a beautiful work of art results, and a valuable object is introduced into the world to be used for the good of all concerned.

What does it take to make a driver?


First you must have the ability to impart the knowledge (the skill). Then the student must have the right attitude (the clay). The student is then instructed in the aspects of automatic car control and finally deemed competent to be tested (the colour and forming). The student attempts the test (the kiln). If all has come together perfectly, a responsible person is then granted a permit to continue to hone these skills unsupervised (the vase).

The reality- Many people come to the wheel, parents, friends, driving instructors, all with “varying levels” of skill. There is also a huge variety of clay, some perfect, some completely useless and others in between where many of the colours don’t take. When the result of the labour is taken to the kiln and fired, you unfortunately don’t always end up with a Ming vase. This is very true when the quality of the kilns (circuits and environs) and their operators vary so much from state to state, city to city and especially in the way out country areas. There are also variations in the road rules from state to state in a country that is meant to be one nation.

Regarding the clay and the automatic car driving instructor- I can’t teach anybody anything, no one can. They can only teach themselves. All I can do is attempt to influence the thought process of the student to accept the knowledge that I have learned in forty six years of driving and offering driving lessons. They must be willing to put this information to the practical test, by teaching themselves while I coach on the sideline. The success of this arrangement will be aided or undermined by the attitude of the students formed up to and above the sixteen and a half years before we meet. If their attitude in whatever form is detrimental to absorbing this information, there is little I can do to change it.

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